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Ligature Journal back issue packs

Are there issues of Ligature Journal missing from your collection? A back issue pack should help.

We have gathered our previously published back issues into handy three-issue packs to make it super easy for you to complete your collection of Ligature Journal.

Pack One includes the first three issues; Zero (Recreating the New), One (Peak Stuff) and Two (For Good) sent to you in one tidy bundle. Buy this pack

Pack Two includes Issue Three (By Hand), Issue Four (Disruption), and Issue Five (Simplicity)—sent to you in one tidy bundle. Buy this pack

Each pack includes an handy discount on the total cover prices, which I am sure you’ll agree makes them much more attractive.

Not convinced you need these issues? Please feel free to visit the Ligature Journal website. There you will find, available for you to read for free, a selection of articles published in full or in part from each of these and other issues.

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