A collection of prints

We’ve been hinting that we have been getting ready to drop a collection of prints via the Ligature Journal Instagram Stories channel for a little while now. Well now it’s finally here!⁠⁠Keeping with our desire to support young and emerging designers we have decided to collaborate with some of the talented designers, illustrators and photographers […]

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Boring post about Postage

Time for a really boring post, it’s about postage functionality. So actually, it might not be too boring for you our (potential and actual) customers. Online shopping systems, it seems, tend to be optimised for the US. This is understandable, many of the systems are built in the US for the huge number of US […]

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Ligature Journal Issue Seven, Out Now!

Ligature Journal, Issue Seven – Place (Mind)

This issue marks the beginning of something of an experiment for us. The theme is Design and Place, and it is a Mind issue—so far so normal. The experiment is that we will keep this same theme for the next two issues as well. The aim? A triumvirate of Mind, Soul and Body issues all considering Design and Place. So welcome, to Ligature Journal Issue Seven.

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Back issue packs of Ligature Journal

back issue pack

Are there issues of Ligature Journal missing from your collection? Our back issue packs should help. We have gathered our previously published back issues into handy three-issue packs to make it super easy for you to complete your collection of Ligature Journal. THE BACK ISSUE PACKS HAVE CHANGED. PLEASE SEE THIS POST FOR THE UPDATED […]

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