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Changes to our packs of back issues

stack of Ligature journal Issues showing part of the magazine spine

We have made changes to the packs of back issues. Now you can get packs of Issues One to Three and a separate pack of Issues Four to Six. And later this year we will introduce a pack of the three issues relating Design and Place, after the third in the series is published.

Why did we make this changes?

Well, recently we were looking through the nine issues published to date (including issue zero) and we realised that issues one through three represented one stage in the evolution of the magazine and issues four through six another and issues seven and eight part of a third. So it makes sense to group these issues the way they are now.

packs back issues  packs back issues

Are the early issues of Ligature Journal missing from your collection?

With the first pack of back issues you get three of our earliest issues—Issue One (Peak Stuff), Issue Two (For Good) and Issue Three (By Hand)—sent to you in one tidy bundle. And with the second three pack of back issues you will get—Issue Four (Disruption), Issue Five (Simplicity) and Issue Six (Touch)—sent to you in one tidy bundle for you to enjoy.

Issue Zero will now be sold separately.

And of course all the issues are still available individually.

Don’t for the Ligature Journal website, you can sample some of the articles for each of the issues and there is other material that does not appear in the print publication.

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