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Now you can subscribe to Ligature Journal

Ligature Journal two issue subscription

A little while ago we introduced two great new ways to get your hands on Ligature Journal—faster and cheaper. That’s right you can subscribe to the Journal!

Option 1: We’ll send you the current issue of Ligature Journal, and mail you the next issue the minute it becomes available.

Option 2: Already have the current issue? (We think you have fabulous taste and a great sense of design!) Go with this option to reserve your copies of the next two issues.

So jump in and join us

If you want a deep-dive into the issues of design, if you want to explore the potential and possibilities of design—its ethics, philosophies and impact—please join us! After all, with a subscription you receive a 10% discount on the already reasonable cover price. Which is pretty neat.

Oh, and a subscription would make a pretty cool gift. If we say it ourselves.

Get a subscription now!