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Ligature Journal Issue Two, On Sale Now!

Issue Two

We made it! Ligature Journal issue two, our first Soul Issue, is now available. Once again, designers and thinkers from around the world have generously collaborated with our team of student designers to bring you a content-packed journal full of design goodness. In fact, this issue is dedicated to exploring the concept of ‘design for good’. We explore the whys, hows and wherefores of design with a conscience (with some detours into the question of design for the long term).

“Design for good is a premise as open to conjecture and as difficult to define as it is to enter into” – Tim Jetis, Cabinet of Wonder, Contributor Ligature Journal issue two

You will find many approaches and definitions of ‘design for good’ in these pages. Our contributors are students, emerging designers and established professionals. They are working in a range of design fields, and on an extraordinary variety of products and projects. So we have a great many design stories to share! We have floating schools and interactive garbage bins. There are iron fish and dolphins that help premature babies breathe. We found design for good in classrooms, public housing and kitchens, on city walls and even along disused freight lines. These are stories we hope are as inspiring (and sometimes humbling) for you as they have been for us.

“Instead of wondering if it looked good, I started asking the question ‘Does it do good?'” – Nakita Carey, Senior Designer LJ02

Hear from the likes of; Lana Adams & Jake Thomas, Gavin Armstrong (Lucky Iron Fish), Nikhil Arora & Alejandro Velez (Back to the Roots), Aspect Studios (The Goods Line), Steven Bai (Tetris Bins), Lissa Barnum & Rodger Watson, Braille Bricks, Claire Connolly (papercut), Marine Couteau & Ladislas de Toldi (Leka), Peter Drew, Arvind Gupta, Tim Jetis, Kirby Manning, Michael O’Brien, Eloise Rapp (The Social Outfit), Mohammed Rezwan, Matt Robertson, and Ala Sieradzka, and of course there are contributions from the designers too.

We are very proud of this issue and invite you to dive in and enjoy a good read today!
You can purchase Ligature Journal issue two online or a these retail outlets.