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Issue Five, wonderful news

Some months ago we submitted the Simplicity issue of Ligature Journal for consideration in the 2018 Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA) Design Awards, in the Publication category. We were so proud of the design, and how the design worked with the contributions. We want you to know of some really wonderful news.

We are proud, and excited, to be able to tell you the list of finalists has been revealed, and the Simplicity issue is on that list!

We want to thank the designers who created this beautiful issue; Elle Doggett, Emilyn Ouch, Liam Carver, Maddy Hall, Rosie Cass, Sophie Mullane and Ben Miller. We are so proud of them, and of the quality of the work they produced at such an early stage in their design careers.

And also we want to extend a huge thank you to our generous contributors; Kevin Finn, Donald A. Norman, Cameron Tonkinwise, Donna Burrell, Gabby Lord, Heidi Seeman, Jacqueline Hill, Jessica Chen, John Lucas, Jon Setter, Karen Kwok, Margie Rahmann, Mark Titmarsh, Mike Feghali and Stephen Goddard. Your writing is thoughtful, considered and insightful, and quite clearly of great inspiration to the design team.

Finally, a shout out goes to Alaina Short at Seed Print Group and the people at Spicers for their longstanding support of the Journal.

The winners of the AGDA Design Awards will be announced in mid-November, fingers crossed.