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We have a dream to print books and a magazine and other lovely things

In 2014 we had a dream. A crazy dream to print books and a magazine and other printed things. In short to start a publishing company.

In February the dream became a legal reality. And now we have carved out our space in the internet. Its been a journey alright with more than a few sleepless nights.

We have a few posters available right now, the magazine is well underway (and the micro-site for it is too) and due out in a couple of months. The first of our letterpress press items are waiting to be printed (as soon as we get 3-phase power to the press). Planning for the first book will begin shortly.

To help us get there there have been a few people who helped us along the way: our accountants BDH&Co, Charlotte from Editia Books, Natacha from The Building Block, Alex Adsett and of course family and friends for their support.

So here we go, the brakes are off and the rollercoaster ride is heading off on its wild ride and we’re hanging on.

And this is us …

Who? (part 1)

Established in 2015, Tiliqua Press is a boutique publisher based in Sydney, Australia. We love printed things and we believe that there are plenty of people who feel the way we do.

Our aim is to produce useful and interesting printed ‘objects’, books, and a magazine for designers in Australia and New Zealand (markets that we believe are not well serviced by mainstream publishers), as well as for designers and print lovers everywhere around the globe.

Print is NOT dead, long live Digital

Though objects of paper and ink are fabulous to hold, smell and feel, we recognise that the world of publishing is not solely about the physical. That is why all our books and our magazine will be released simultaneously in printed and digital form utilising current digital technologies.

What do we have to offer?

The first publication to be released by Tiliqua Press is Ligature Journal a magazine that investigates design and ideas surrounding design. One of the primary goals of the Journal is to provide ‘hands on’ experience for design students. The magazine can be purchased from our online store.

Tiliqua press is planning to release its first book in 2017. It is going to be truly useful, so watch out for it!

The first design ‘objects’ available are a series of prints exploring aspects of the golden section, are now available on our online store. The first goodies will be rolling off our letterpress soon.

What have you got to offer?

If you have a proposal for a book we would be very happy to look at it. Just keep the following in mind: we are interested in books that are useful and interesting; the content should be relevant to the Australian and New Zealand markets in particular, and to designers generally (that is, anywhere); finally, as we will have to live with a book for quite a while as it proceeds through the design and printing processes, it is very important that we like it as well.

Who? (part 2)

The press is the brainchild of Felix Oppen and Kate Riley.

Felix seems to have spent most of his adult life studying (at least it sometimes feels that way). He has studied chemical engineering, inorganic chemistry, economics, German, French and Italian (though he can barely remember any of it). He also studied graphic design at the Billy Blue College of Design in the early 90’s and has a Master of Design from the University of Technology, Sydney. Felix has worked as an artist’s model, barman and as a clerk in a court house. Along with being a graphic designer he also teaches at THINK Education—Billy Blue College of Design. He is also co-author of an award winning tertiary level Graphic Design textbook Graphic Design: Australian Style Manual.

Kate has varied interests and has studied, among other things, linguistics, geography, anthropology and French. She studied graphic design at the Billy Blue College of Design in the early 90’s. She reads a lot, particularly detective fiction and contemporary science fiction. Before becoming a graphic designer she worked as an envelope stuffer, an usher, a PA and in catering. She has a BFA (Hons) in Printmaking from the National Art School, Sydney. Kate now works as a designer, printmaker, drawer and knitter.