Disruption is Hard – Letterpress Poster

$40.00 inc GST

Disruption is Hard – Letterpress Poster

$40.00 inc GST

A vibrant letterpress printed limited edition poster printed using woodtype in two spot colours.

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Disruption is Hard Poster

This vibrant setting of a quote that begins ‘Understanding disruption is hard …’ by Andy Rachleff was designed and laid out by designer, Eric Tieng. It is has been printed on the Tiliqua Studio Swiss FAG40 proofing press by Felix Oppen and Anne Vu. We have used the wonderfully ‘toothy’ Wild Cotton (150gsm) from Ball and Doggett papers and printed in a blend of two spot colours. The type is from our collection of vintage woodtypes.

Disruption by design isn’t a neutral act – it can be a powerful tool for good or bad; a buzz-word, a meaningless cliché; a way of challenging design thinking, or a means to camouflage sloppy thinking. Disruption is taught in design faculties in tertiary institutions around the world; it is the topic of TED talks, books and elevator pitches. It is as easy to dismiss as it is to embrace a superficial understanding of what disruption is, and what it can mean to design and designers.

This limited edition poster – 50 only have been printed – has been created in conjunction with Ligature Journal issue four. If you haven’t seen this you might also want to have a look and check it out. Or jump straight to buy a copy.

Poster size is 300mm wide and 580mm high. Each is individually numbered and stamped on the back – stamps are ‘Handcrafted at Tiliqua Studio, Edition number and designer and printer names.

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