Ligature Journal Back Issues 4–6

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Are there issues of Ligature Journal missing from your collection? With this second three pack of issues you will get—Issue Four (Disruption), Issue Five (Simplicity) and Issue Six (Touch)—sent to you in one tidy bundle for you to enjoy.

Issue four is all about disruption and we hope that this issue will provoke thought (and provide some amusement). In these pages, you will find a range of definitions and examples of disruption; tools to help you disrupt your own patterns of design behaviour; and many personal (even vehemently idiosyncratic) responses to what disruption means to designers beyond its current status—as contributor Jacqueline Hill puts it—as ‘lingo du jour’. Read more about this issue.

And issue five—Simplicity. Designers love it. Designers hate it. Many designers don’t understand it, confusing it with simple and simplistic. The simple truth is that simplicity in design is about managing complexity. Though the end result may look simple, even obvious, at its best simplicity in design is anything but. Read more about this issue. Issue Five was a finalist in the publications category of the 2018 AGDA AWARDS.

Given that we conceived the ‘meta’ themes of mind, soul and body to drive the content of Ligature Journal back when we started dreaming of this magazine, it might seem a little odd for it to take us until this, the sixth issue, to have a body issue focusing on touch in design. All we can say is that the time wasn’t quite right—until now. So metaphorically warm up your hands, and let us welcome you to the ‘Touch’ issue of Ligature Journal. Read more about this issue. Issue Six was a finalist in the publications category of the 2019 AGDA AWARDS.

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Please feel free to visit the Ligature Journal website. There you will find, available for you to read for free, a selection of articles published in full or in part from each of these and other issues.

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