Are the early issues of Ligature Journal missing from your collection? With this pack you get the first three issues—Zero (Recreating the New), One (Peak Stuff) and Two (For Good) sent to you in one tidy bundle.

In issue zero we want to “recreate the new”. That is to take what already exists, break it down and turn it into something else, something fresh and vibrant and that pushes our limits as designers. Read more about this issue.

In issue one we took the statement by Steve Howard, the head of sustainability at IKEA, mentioned it at Guardian Live event in London as our starting point …

‘If we look at a global basis, in the West we probably hit peak oil. I’d say we’ve hit peak red meat, peak sugar, peak stuff … peak home furnishings.’

Read more about this issue.

And in issue two you will find many approaches and definitions of ‘design for good’ in these pages. Our contributors are students, emerging designers and established professionals. They are working in a range of design fields, and on an extraordinary variety of products and projects. So we have a great many design stories to share! We have floating schools and interactive garbage bins. There are iron fish and dolphins that help premature babies breathe. We found design for good in classrooms, public housing and kitchens, on city walls and even along disused freight lines. These are stories we hope are as inspiring (and sometimes humbling) for you as they have been for us. Read more about this issue.

Please feel free to visit the Ligature Journal website. There are a selection of articles (in full or in part) available for you to read free from each of these and other issues.


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